Staying Seasonal

Oct 1, 2023 | Flavor Insights

With 78% of Americans looking forward to seasonal food products throughout the year, the demand for all things pumpkin, gingerbread, and praline always seems to reach its peak over the holidays. Not only do these limited-time flavors feel fresh and exciting but they also evoke the feelings of nostalgia and comfort we find ourselves seeking this time of year. Read more to discover how we can help you bring these sought-after seasonal flavors to your products.


Seasonal Flavors for Beverages

Pumpkin spice lattes have been coming out sooner than ever the past few years, backed by customer demand!
According to Mintel, over half of Millennials and GenZ consumers prefer seeing seasonal ingredients in coffee and tea year-round. It’s only natural for companies in the beverage category to take advantage of this seasonal flavor trend sooner rather than later. A few of our personal favorite flavors we create include:


  • Eggnog flavored latte
  • Sugar cookie flavored tea
  • Praline coffee syrup
  • Gingerbread flavored ground coffee
  • White chocolate pumpkin flavored coffee creamer
Beyond coffee and tea, adding seasonal flavors to canned beverages, cocktail mixes, and craft beer in recent years has also exploded in popularity in response to this trend. From spiced cider flavored sparkling water to a pumpkin flavored brew to a cranberry mule, a seasonal flavor addition seems to be welcomed by consumers across the board.


Seasonal Specialties

Winter holidays, parties, and reunions have a way of almost inevitably being centered around special family recipes and specialty foods that only appear during this time of year. Seasonally flavored specialties not only remind us all of past memories, but also connects us with others who have shared similar experiences.


  • Persimmon pumpkin pie
  • Ginger pear tart
  • Cranberry pistachio dinner rolls
  • Apple pie ricotta waffles
  • Peppermint wafer cookies
By simply incorporating a few of our seasonal flavors in your specialty food product, it will be sure to shine among the rest on retail shelves this season!



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