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Welcome To Jogue

Our long history of taste innovation began in 1910 at Northville Laboratories. With over a century of expertise, Jogue is a cutting-edge, full-service flavor business focusing on the customer. Through steady expansion, Jogue services customers worldwide by providing excellent flavors, competitive pricing, and efficient output from our five manufacturing facilities.



Jogue focuses on meeting consumer needs through innovation. We prioritize science and technology to develop food, beverage, and nutritional health products for everyone. You can depend on Jogue to provide the best flavor and fragrances to exceed current trends. Jogue’s flavor team collaborates with customers to respond effectively and efficiently to the changing requirements of consumers.



Bases, extracts, flavors, powders, specialty ingredients, syrups, toppings and variegates are among our many ways we bring taste to our customers, and through them to the world!

Innovation, Complex Flavors &
Unexpected Combinations

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What’s New: Automation Increases Productivity

The challenges of the pandemic provided Jogue many opportunities to make improvements. We ensured the well-being of our employees, customers, and consumers. We also took a hard look at our sustainability efforts, recycling over 200,000 pounds of cardboard and plastics. Being transparent during this time allowed us to provide scientific information to our team and consumers to make the most well-informed decisions.

We committed greater R&D resources to clients by providing more clean label and natural products demanded by consumers. Jogue utilized considerable capital and sourcing strategies to ensure the consistent supply of flavors during the ongoing supply chain constraints. We shall strive to improve on this going forward. We are excited and thankful for our customers, co-workers, and suppliers that helped us maximize our potential.

Our commitment to automation further proves our dedication to efficiency and worker safety. Jogue invested in robotic palletizers with new filling and packaging lines at our Plymouth, Michigan and Ontario, California facilities. This new automation resulted in increased precision, operation speed, productivity, and product quality.

Jogue shall assure the continuous supply of flavors and extracts to our clients, while committing to our core values of safety, quality and efficiency.

 Why Jogue?

Five great reasons to count on us:


Our facilities adhere to the most rigorous standards. All are SQF 2000 Code Level 2 Certified through the Safe Quality Food Institute.


Our pricing is second to none.


Through our subsidiary, Grand Products, we distribute thousands of processed food items to consumers in the food industry.

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Logistical Excellence

We operate manufacturing facilities across the U.S.A. to optimize lead times and reduce client inventory levels.


Our turnaround times are the best in the industry

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