Welcome To Jogue

Jogue is a leading edge, full service, customer focused flavor company built on a century of experience. Incorporated in 1981, our rich history of flavor innovation dates back to Northville Laboratories, a flavor industry pioneer started in 1910.  Through consistent growth, Jogue delivers great flavors, attractive pricing and efficient production from five manufacturing plants to serve customers across North America and around the globe.



You can rely on Jogue to provide or customize the flavor or scent that’s right for you. Jogue’s flavor team works hand-in-hand with clients to respond effectively and efficiently to the evolving needs of consumers.



Bases, extracts, flavors, powders, specialty ingredients, syrups, toppings and variegates are among our many ways we bring taste to our customers, and through them to the world!

What’s New

February is a great month to recognize one of our favorite indulgences: Chocolate!  First, it’s National Chocolate
Lovers Month. Next, we find Valentine’s Day provides a great excuse to offer our loved ones a sweet treat. In addition, for those of us who experience the winter blues, it can be a proverbial ray of sunshine in a cold, gray world. And based on global sales of nearly $120 billion dollars, chocolate certainly has a lot to celebrate!

Interestingly, the idea of chocolate as a global commodity was a new idea as recent as the end of the 19th century. Flash forward to today, chocolate has become quite the celebrity.  It’s grown in popularity as people in developing nations have more purchasing power.  Here in the States, it’s not simply made by large candy companies but rather, it can be found in sophisticated designs with stylish packaging, leading boutique chocolatiers to be the fastest growing segment of the confection market. Lastly, as science has evolved and studied our food trends, we find chocolate may even have properties that help lower our rates of depression and cancer, while also helping our cognitive performance with its antioxidant properties.

Here at Jogue, we too are finding new ways of providing just the right chocolate to fit your product’s needs. Our organic chocolate variegate has been a big success story for our customers. Recently, we have introduced a Keto-friendly Belgian chocolate, an organic dark chocolate hazelnut base and even a natural chocolate extract that is GMO free. Our R&D team is ready for your special request. Allow us to help with your company’s success story!


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 Why Jogue?

Five great reasons to count on us:


Our facilities adhere to the most rigorous standards. All are SQF 2000 Code Level 2 Certified through the Safe Quality Food Institute.


Our pricing is second to none.


Through our subsidiary, Grand Products, we distribute thousands of processed food items to consumers in the food industry.

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Logistical Excellence

We operate manufacturing facilities across the U.S.A. to optimize lead times and reduce client inventory levels.


Our turnaround times are the best in the industry