Welcome To Jogue

Jogue is a leading edge, full service, customer focused flavor company built on a century of experience. Incorporated in 1981, our rich history of flavor innovation dates back to Northville Laboratories, a flavor industry pioneer started in 1910.  Through consistent growth, Jogue delivers great flavors, attractive pricing and efficient production from five manufacturing plants to serve customers across North America and around the globe.



You can rely on Jogue to provide or customize the flavor or scent that’s right for you. Jogue’s flavor team works hand-in-hand with clients to respond effectively and efficiently to the evolving needs of consumers.



Bases, extracts, flavors, powders, specialty ingredients, syrups, toppings and variegates are among our many ways we bring taste to our customers, and through them to the world!

2021: Renewed Senses

It is hard to sum up 2020. Rarely have we seen a year with so many twists and turns. The initial wave of the COVID-19 crisis moved fast, left many questions unanswered and turmoil in its wake. There was a major struggle between the desire for normalcy and safety. No easy answer existed.

At Jogue Inc., we faced the same challenges as every other company. Honestly, 2020 forced us to be better. First, we ensured our vigilance to the well-being of our employees, customers and consumers. Second, we took a hard look at our sustainability efforts, one of which allowed us to recycle over 200,000 pounds of cardboard and plastics. Lastly, it made us gauge our own transparency. We provided scientific information to our team to make well informed decisions. If there was another layer of protection we could offer, we added it! We committed greater R&D resources to clients to provide them more clean label and natural products demanded by consumers. We shall strive to continuously improve on this in 2021.

This year, we look forward to offering a more creative and conscientious version of Jogue. We shall further our plant-based flavor offerings and continue to bring global flavors to the mainstream. We are excited for the new year and thankful for our customers, co-workers and suppliers that have helped us get to this point. We wish you a very healthy…and flavorful 2021!

 Why Jogue?

Five great reasons to count on us:


Our facilities adhere to the most rigorous standards. All are SQF 2000 Code Level 2 Certified through the Safe Quality Food Institute.


Our pricing is second to none.


Through our subsidiary, Grand Products, we distribute thousands of processed food items to consumers in the food industry.

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Logistical Excellence

We operate manufacturing facilities across the U.S.A. to optimize lead times and reduce client inventory levels.


Our turnaround times are the best in the industry

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