About Us

We are a full-service flavor company providing quality extracts, beverage bases, spray dried flavors, syrups, bar mixes, variegates, fruit preps, fillings, ice cream toppings and fragrances. We expertly serve our clients in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our flavors exceed national brand products in taste, texture and overall consumer likeability. Our clients in the  bakery, beverage, confectionery, and dairy industries rely on Jogue to provide the flavors they need. We work hand-in-hand with them to respond effectively and efficiently to the evolving needs, tastes and trends in the marketplace. 

Jogue maintains five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Michigan, California and Florida to optimize lead times and implement freight savings for customers. Jogue’s unquestioned leadership in the flavor and fragrance industry is highlighted by cost effectiveness, quality and superior customer service. With our well established network of domestic and international brokers and our experienced technical department, Jogue is able to excel in the evolving flavor world and solve the flavor challenges of tomorrow.

Vanilla is Our Passion

Why is vanilla so important to Jogue? Vanilla is widely regarded as the world’s most popular aroma and flavor in foods, beverages and cosmetics. A prized flavor on its own, Vanilla is also used to enhance the flavor of other substances such as chocolate, custard, caramel and coffee, and is a common ingredient in cookies, cakes and of course, ice cream.

 Jogue’s Northville Laboratories has long standing relationship with growers in Madagascar and Indonesia, where advanced cultivation practices produce aromatic and flavor rich plants species. Jogue is proud that its supply of vanilla comes only from members of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative which is focused on promoting the long term, stable supply of high quality natural vanilla and improving the livelihood of vanilla bean farmers. That’s why Jogue can provide the finest pure vanilla extracts anywhere, for use in bakery products, ice cream, yogurt, milk and other beverages.


The environment is the source of our products and important to protect. Our goal is to contribute to an increased overall quality of life for our planet and is reflected in such concrete steps as operating our California manufacturing facility entirely from solar power,  maintaining membership in the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI) and becoming IKEA Sustainability Certified. Click on the link below to learn more about why Jogue is a proud SVI member!


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Our History


Northville Laboratories is established in Northville, Michigan. It quickly gains a reputation as a premier vanilla extract supplier to the dairy, beverage and bakery industries.


Jogue Incorporated, founded by Dr. S. Dattu Sastry, is established in Detroit, Michigan in the former Everfresh Juice facility.



Jogue acquires Northville Laboratories and its 55,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. It is SQF Level 2 and Organic Certified in 2010.



Jogue acquires Western Syrup and its 20,000 square-foot flavor manufacturing facility from J&J Snack Foods in Santa Fe Springs, CA.


Jogue constructs an advanced 52,000 square-foot manufacturing and R & D facility in Plymouth, Michigan. It is quickly SQF Level and Organic Certified.


Jogue acquires Golden 100 from QCS. Golden 100 manufactures beverage flavors in a 45,000 square-foot facility in Deland, Florida. The acquisition facilitates the company’s access to Central and South American markets.


Jogue completes construction of a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D plant in Ontario, California. It is quickly SQF Level 2 and Organic Certified.


Jogue completes construction of a new Research &Development laboratory at its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. With it, a new GCMS for flavor duplication and creation is added to the company’s extensive capabilities.



Commenced construction of a new High Technology Manufacturing Plant in Plymouth, Michigan using a Droid operating system for maximum efficiency and stringent quality control.


Implementation of IWAY Standards at Plymouth Headquarters and manufacturing location with focus on environmental and working condition standards to better people and the planet.


New state of the art plant construction completed in May 2O18, becoming the world’s first flavor manufacturing facility to fully operate by solar power.


Jogue completes construction of a new & automated flavor and extract manufacturing facility adjacent to current headquarters. Jogue is IWAY Sustainability Certified. Jogue California becomes first Solar Powered flavor manufacturing plant.


Jogue adds a new Spray Dryer, Lab Spray Dryer, and Vanilla Bean Speck manufacturing to SoCal facility.


Jogue implements Batchmaster-SAP across manufacturing facilities. Jogue was awarded General Mills Diverse Business Enterprise of the Year F21 Award!


 Jogue adds a new robotic palletizer and high-speed filling line in the Plymouth, Michigan and Ontario, California facilities.


Jogue continues to expand its team with skilled professionals, placing a greater emphasis on efficient manufacturing & providing quality customer service.

Our Facilities

In support of our goal to be the leading domestic flavor company in logistics efficiency, Jogue operates five highly advanced manufacturing facilities. With them, we are able to minimize lead times and freight costs and optimize inventory levels for the benefit of our clients.

Jogue Worldwide Corporate Headquarters

14731 Helm Court
Plymouth , Michigan 48170
Toll-Free: 800-521-3888
Tel: 734-207-0100
Fax: 734-207-0200

Jogue Inc. Northville Laboratories Division

One Vanilla Lane
Northville, Michigan 48167
Tel: 248-349-1500
Fax: 248-349-1501

Jogue Inc. Facilities West Coast Division

4142 Pacific Privado
Ontario, California 91761
Tel: 909-605-0000
Fax: 909-605-0444

Jogue Inc. Jogue Golden 100 Beverage Division

1600 Essex Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32724
Tel: 386-734-0113
Fax: 386-734-9718

Jogue Inc. Jogue Detroit Facility

6349 East Palmer Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
Tel: 313-921-4802
Fax: 313-921-8046

Jogue Inc.

14731 Helm Court
Plymouth , Michigan 48170
Toll-Free: 800-521-3888
Tel: 734-207-0100
Fax: 734-207-0200

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